In Arabic… I Love You!

Thouria Benferhat
2 min readFeb 25, 2021

In the Arab World…

· People around us, such as family and neighbors, are very important.

· We often feel that loved ones are part of our body. Eyes, entrails (heart, liver).

· Though it is impossible to cite all love expressions across the Arab World, here are a few:

Expression: يا روحي / يا روح قَلبي

Pronunciation: ya roo7i / ya ro7 albi

Meaning: Oh my soul/my heart’s soul!

Expression: يا نور عيني / عُيوني

Pronunciation: Ya nor 3iini / 3yuuni

Meaning: Oh light of my eye/eyes!

Expression: يا رَأس مالي

Pronunciation: ya ras maali

Meaning: Oh my capital ($)!

Expression: الله لا يِحرِمني مِنَّك / مِنِّك

Pronunciation: Allah la yi7rimni minnak / ik

Meaning: May God not deprive me of you

Expression: يا حَياتي / عُمري

Pronunciation: ya 7ayaati / 3omri

Meaning: Oh my life!

Expression: أَحِبَّك / أَحِبِّك / موت

Pronunciation: a7ibbak moot / amoot fiik

Meaning: I love you to death!

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